Friday, September 09, 2016


Last year, before my sister passed, I sent off for the DNA kit from Ancestry. One BIG reason, was I always thought, since I was a kid - that I wasn't my Dad's daughter. I didn't look like him. Everyone, including his family, said I looked like my Mom and that they could not see, my Dad in me. I loved my dad, dearly so this hurt. My sister, being a typical bratty little sister, would rub it in and that bothered me even more.

So when I found out, that I could not get DNA from my dad's ponytail (yes my dad had a long, white ponytail) I saw the ads for the kit. My sister wasn't interested, so she said...

I received it, just after she died. I let it sit in my closet until this past May.

I had to conjure a bunch of spit - That was kinda hard. It took about 6 weeks and I was so surprised when I got back the results.

I had always been told, we had Cherokee - and that I was Dutch, Irish, Scotch and German. My ancestry heritage comes from:

I'm 100% European

38%  Scandinavia
23%  Great Britain
16%  Western Europe
14%  Ireland
8%    Italy/Greece
1%    Iberian Peninsula

I guess there is a Viking in the family woodpile....

PS:   Oh and yes, I am my dad's biological daughter. In fact, I have 28 DNA circles just from his side of the family. Who'd of known???


  1. Haha :-)

    I'm glad you found the answer to this longtime question. Genes are funny things. None of my husband's siblings look alike, but they are all full siblings.

  2. It is interesting to know your DNA. My sister has recently got a test so it will be interesting to find the results. We are mistaken for twins so I think it is safe to say we have the exact same parents. Our twinship is ironic in that she was a fair-skinned blond and I was a tanned brunette back in the day.

  3. It is always interesting to do this and see what comes up versus what was perhaps told. Hubby's brother did this a few years back and was surprised to find out they had no Native American in them when his parents for years told them they too were Cherokee. Interesting.



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