Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This should be interesting

Navy is seeing a young lady.  It's NOT serious on his part. She pursued him. They've been seeing each other for about 6 weeks. She works with him - which might be awkward if they break up. She's 5 years older than him, and coming off of a 10+ year relationship. He tells me when they go shopping, she likes to look in the baby department. I told him, he better watch out - her biological time clock is ticking and she has him in her view.

She took him to meet her family - Dad is in prison so he met her cousin, mother and grandmother. It's not necessary for me to meet her, unless it does get serious. Right now she is just a friend that happens to be a woman.

There are some red flags - so unless he weenies out, and gets talked in to a more serious relationship than he wants - I don't see it being permanent.

He told me, his ideal girl would have to love sports and the outdoors. Guess what? She tolerates sports and she is not a outdoorsy kinda gal. Never been hiking or camping - fishing. Sure, there is always compromise and give and take in marriage but both parties shouldn't change the foundation of who they are. Navy is a Christian. She is a former LDS and now a Atheist. She's non-political and he is VERY political. My son loves everything military. What can I say? So she shouldn't change to match up to him, because there would be resentments later on. and the same with him.

Oh, and he mentioned that he was a little nervous about her meeting his step dad one day. I told him, "You don't need to worry about him - it's your Mom, you need to worry about."  He laughed.


  1. Yeah when two young people get together it either works or fizzles out and no point in a parent getting bent out of shape when it will properly fizzle out he is enjoying her company right now and for many young it is the here and now that matters more then what will happen tomorrow.

    1. I know he is starting to want a wife and family. He will be 32 at the end of the month. I just want him to be careful and choose wisely. You know, you his head, not his sex drive.


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