Monday, September 12, 2016

Let me explain about the apperance of ads....

I have another blog, that I've had years ago and I am not doing anything with it at the present time. It was one of those "lifestyle" niche blogs that I enjoyed. Then after my sister passed last year, everything STOPPED. I lost my desire.  I'm starting to get the desire to niche-blog again.

So right now I am experimenting with you all - my fellow coffee klatchers. I used to have ads on the other blog and actually earned over $100.00 and still had $7.00 left when I quit. Because of some glitch, probably on my part, I am unable to get approved for Google AdSense. Lets face it, the whole idea of another blog, is to try and make a little extra income. Plus I love the creative pursuit of a niche blog. (This is my personal blog)

You will start seeing ads on here. This is just for a limited time until I get my new blog up and working. I explored "AdSense Alternatives" and signed up with Chitika. It seems way easier and I like that they pay through Pay Pal and you do not have to wait to you get $100 like Google's AdSense. They pay out every month you reach $10 or more.

This personal blog of mine, wasn't meant to have ads or promotions. It was my dumping ground, for all those crazy thought and ideas that cross my caffeinated mind on a daily basis. However, I am thinking about, placing only ads that have to do with coffee on here. And for that, I can go through Share a Sale and look for companies that work with affiliates. I've worked with them before and I like the way the ads appear.

So that is what is going on with me, right now.

Thanks for your patience while I check out this new ad company and until I get up my new blog.

I found a great AdSense alternative that pays out at $10. Can use it in conjunction w/adsense too. Try it: It's FREE and EASY.


  1. Make hay when the sun shines, I hope it all works out for you.

  2. Best wishes. I used to have ads on my blog. I made $100, but it took forever. When I finally got my 100, I took down the ads.


  3. Let us know how it works. I hadn't ever thought of putting ads on my blog; I don't click on ads on other people's blogs, so wasn't sure how it all worked out.


  4. The adds don't care about the adds they don't bother me but would be nice to see you get his niche back


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