Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Home Improvements takes a LONG time (when you're old)

Last year when I painted the cabinets

Last year - I used beadboard wallpaper on the cabinets and then painted over it

This week, I hope to paint the floor trim in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I also hope to do some touch up painting on the cabinets and kitchen window sill. Then I'll take a pause and tackle the master bedroom and bath!

We've lived in this house since 2008. My parents owned the house since 1999 so it hasn't been painted since then. I've hated it but with all the adult kids here, we just couldn't find the time. Plus why paint when they don't seem to appreciate our stuff, or newly painted walls. That's why, this past year, we have been doing so much.

The husband is also going to continue with our wood floors (that he never finished back in 2008) down the hallway. Lord willing, we hope to replace the ugly, dirty, smelly carpet in our bedroom and living room area late Oct/Nov.

People keep asking us, "who died?" which in a way, is kinda rude, if I allow it to bug me. Do I have to actually say, we took money out of our house?? That we are spending our kid's inheritance?

We just felt it would be good, to knock out many home improvements we have been dreaming about, when the adult kids were here. To get it done and then, we probably won't do anything major, again. If we do, we'll be too old to do it ourselves, so we'll have to pay painters.

Plus, it's always good to keep the house up, in case we have to sell. Right now, we have Realtors, contacting us because of the new windows and roof. NOPE, we're staying!

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  1. It takes a lot to remodel. Money, time, energy.


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