Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn is in the air

Yesterday was the first day the AC did not kick on. The high of the day got to 85 but it took most of the day, to get there, so the mornings were refreshingly cool. However, we're supposed to get warmer in a few days. Back into the 90's.

Well, I did get my new blog up and running. I am not happy with it yet - but a new blog does take time.  This time, I went with with Wordpress. It's a lot harder than blogger. But I am committed because I bought a new domain for it. The niche I chose, is my sarcastic opinions about growing older - as I experience new issues or age-related stuff. At this point, I don't care if it works or not. I won't get too personal, as I do here - this blog is my sound board.

Next week, we're taking a few days off, to go up to Crater Lake, Oregon. The husband is off for 2 weeks and so we'll be taking some day-trips and these couple of days to enjoy. Last year at this time, we went to Yosemite and the ghost town, Bodie. It's a lovely time to year, to drive up to the Eastern side of California and the Pacific Northwest. With the cool, crisp temperatures, it helps me to really, get into Autumn mode.


  1. Pretty picture :) Our air conditioner is still kicking it but it doesn't stay on as long as it did before and there are times when it doesn't come on for a long while :)

    Enjoy Crater Lake! We first went there back in 1986. We were staying in Medford for a few days and decided to go and visit Crater Lake. We didn't bother eating breakfast, thinking we would find something along the way. We didn't and ended up quickly coming back for lunch to Medford. I would imagine its grown a bit since then :)


    1. It's still pretty rugged that way. What is still there, for conviences, is EXPENSIVE so we will make sure we have everything we need. My last time at Crater Lake was in the mid 90's. The husband has never been there. It should be fun, if it doesn't snow!


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