Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Yesterday it hit 108. Today we're at 106. Doesn't make that big of a difference.

I am feeling so much better. But I can't eat Mexican food until after this is over. Navy and I went out to dinner, to my favorite Mexican place. I ordered as non-spicy as one can, in a spicy place. I was fine until the next morning. Then I felt some discomfort - not all out pain, but I was uncomfortable. So I will have to lay off that for awhile, which kills me since it is my favorite food.

I'm eating a lot of chicken. Beef bothers me and I don't like fish. Maybe cod and halibut but I usually like it as fish and chips. I'm going to have to make myself eat more fish. <gag> Now the story as to why I dislike fish,is: my dad liked to fish. It was a rule, I had to at least try it. Once I got a fish bone stuck in my throat and I guess ever since, I am gaggaly. I do enjoy a good fish and chips about once a month but it's deep fried and I need to stay away from anything fried.

I am back doing my water aerobics in the mornings. Today the husband joined me. It was funny to see how he couldn't do it like the other ladies in the class. He kept losing his swim noodle.

Tomorrow we have to go to the nearest AFB to get my military dependent card. It expired and I need it for the upcoming surgery as proof that I am on TriCare. I am a bit worried about the bill. This Nov, we are adding me to my husband's medical from the state of California. I wasn't supposed to get sick...so I am stuck with TriCare-West only paying about 70-75%. At least it is better than nothing. I guess we just waited one year too long and it is all on me. The husband wanted to add me last Nov and I wanted to wait another year. It's not free - but we're in a better position financially, having it taken out of his paycheck.

It's ALWAYS something, isn't it? Especially when you get older.


  1. I always say my husband and I got married just in time to fall apart together. As long as there's love and support, you can work it all out.

  2. Amen...your last line sums it up.

  3. 108 what the hell oh hang on Jo-Anne that isn't a 108°c but 108°f to you can breathe easy, although 108°f is about 42°c which is still pretty bloody hot just saying


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