Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back to normal...whatever THAT is

The last few days, I am feeling better with no pain. Occasionally I feel a little tweak on my side, where the gallbladder is.

My energy is coming back and I am eating well, but still just eating whole foods and not anything with grease or fat. I grilled some carne asada last night, but while marinating it, I saw, it just had too much fat, marbled through it, so I passed and just ate salad, rice and fruit.

Tomorrow I will go back to my water aerobics -

I received my medical marijuana card last week. Haven't yet, shopped for anything for pain because it is all very confusing. Not like, back-in-the-day, where it was one size fits all. We didn't have all the choices and back then I didn't know anything about CBD vs THC, hybrids and such. A few years ago, when I was selling Industrial Hemp CBD oil, I learned a lot. The only pot store I have been in, was one in Colorado, a couple of years ago when I went back for a seminar during 4/20. I'm not interested in "smoking" it or growing it. Just would like to have a pain remedy, that is better for me than a narcotic, the doctor freely prescribes for me. Just crazy. I have decided what is best for me, is a tincture, oral drops, tea and something topical for my aches and pains, I get in the winter.


  1. I wouldn't know what to get in a pot store, but I suppose the clerks are knowledgeable enough to offer suggestions. You're going to have surgery, right? Do they remove the gallbladder, or is there some way to remove the stones?


    1. Hi Janie - The clerks are very helpful.

      I have a consultation with my surgeon on the 14th. A week or two after that... I don't believe they can just takeout the stones and leave the gallbladder. If the stones are smaller (which mine are not) they can blast them with lasers, butit takes a couple of years for the stones to totally dissolve. They will no doubt remove my gallbladder, per the ER Doctor who diagnoised me. I've since found out than many aquaintances of mine, have had theirs removed and life is great once again.

    2. Willy Dunne Wooters and my friend Carol do not have gallbladders. Carol's was removed when she was twenty. She is now seventy-five. She has lived quite happily without it.

  2. We don't have medical marijuana here in Australia and everything I have heard about it I think it would help so many people and the government should look into it but they won't there is a difference from what I can tell between medical marijuana and normal get high marijuana

  3. I have read this already but no comment, why is that, maybe if my brain was more awake I would know the reason for that but it isn't it's more asleep due to the cold and trust me it is bloody cold here.

    Now I want to say if the medical marijuana helps you with the pain then go for it


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