Thursday, May 05, 2016

Wolves of California

I LOVE you Mr. Wolf

A few years ago, it started with a 2 year old lone wolf, OR7 who crossed over the Oregon border to California. Up till then, wolves had not been on the scene since the 1920's. Of course the local ranchers, freaked out and started making threatening comments, regarding their livestock and the wolves. Thankfully, it was too soon, to really get upset - in fact there many, like myself, who were totally thrilled.

OR7 was lonely and looking for a mate. Can you imagine, being the only wolf around? For awhile, he kept going back and forth over the Cal/Oregon border. He traveled through my Shasta County, looking for his true love and finally found her, back in Oregon, the Klamath area. They had 3 pups and have produced another little of wolf pups.

One of those pups must have crossed back over to California, because now we have the Shasta Pack.



  1. Thank goodness I haven't seen wolves in my neck of the woods. (Kansas) But we did recently see two coyotes come around the corner of my house. And I live within the city limits!! Yikes

  2. Wolves are beautiful and part of the natural order. Their dwindling numbers are sad.


  3. Wisconsin has sinned dramatically against their wolves. They have had wolf hunts the last few years, almost decimating them. Of course, they tend to overkill in other areas of "wildlife management", too. They need a wake up call. Now.

  4. Wolves, are such handsome looking creatures not that I have ever seen one in real life only photos of them


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