Wednesday, May 04, 2016


There will be NO VACATIONS this summer.

We haven't actually taken a big vacation in a long time. Oh, that's right, last year we went to Yosemite. But we camped and it wasn't a full week. So it doesn't count. Vacations have to be at least 1 week long.

This summer, we'll spend a couple of nights in a fire guard shack that was turned into a quaint cabin, high up in the Sierras. We also will be taking a few days, to go down to San Francisco for a ball game and Fleet week which is in October and therefore, doesn't make the cut, for a summer vacation or a
summer getaway.

I hate to leave my animals when we go away for too long. I miss them terribly. So does the husband but he can break away, better than I can. I really LOVE my little Susie. (cat) She loves me, too. I just hate thinking, that maybe they are thinking we abandoned them.

We may have some overnight quests - and that can be fun if they don't stay longer than 3 days!


  1. We aren't taking a major vacation this summer either! Maybe a weekend here or there but that's it. We may drive to South Carolina in the fall to visit with my sister-in-law. My daughter got married last Spring and we took a wonderful road trip to the East Coast in the summer so this year we recoup!

  2. I hope you enjoy your mini breaks. The guilt of leaving your pets for too long can ruin a vacation!


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