Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Unfortunately the A-Z was stalled.

It was UGLY last week. Between, my step daughter Char,  my father-in-law who is almost 90 and taking in estimates for our renovations, time got way ahead of me. I kept believing, that in the evening I would be able to settle down and post - well that didn't happen. Oh I settled down alright - right in the sofa and I didn't want to USE my brain.

Grandpa, had some needs that took some time, but had to be done. He also is having to take a driving test so he can use his motorized wheelchair. He passed the inside test and we're waiting for the outside test. I don't know why it takes them so long - well yes I do. Anytime you are working with a bureaucracy such as the State of California (Cal Vet) it has to pass through so many channels. If it was a private home,  he would already be tooling around. We finally were able to get him that special phone due to of hearing impairment. Then having to fight with AT&T to get it working without static. So annoying. Bought him some new shirts and took him out for lunch.

Char had cockroaches in her apartment - had a new landline installed and was accepted at a Art Workshop for the developmentally disabled.

Then in between all of that, we scheduled the roofers for June, ordered the stove and microwave, and scheduled for the new windows-install for 3 weeks. We are trying to knock the big stuff out so we can still enjoy the summer. There was more stuff, but I think I blocked it all out.

And to think, I was going to post about trying to find a umbrella stand. They're so hard to find - The husband tends to just pile the umbrellas or stand them up against the bookcase when he comes in. Another day, another post...


  1. The challenge is over, but I'm checking around to all the blogs I found.
    Glad you're back! Take it easy and enjoy the spring.

  2. I don't know where to find an umbrella stand. Ebay? Make him put the umbrella in a plastic bag? But then it wouldn't dry. A driving test for a motorized wheelchair amuses me. I'm not sure why.


  3. Bloody hell one thing after another, yeah it is life but I get why at the end of the day you want to put the brain in neutral and do nothing


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