Thursday, May 26, 2016

The windows ordeal

Living room window

I guess it's only been a week, but seems much longer. The stove and all was delivered. I like it. The next day, the window guys came and swarmed my house. Had to keep Laydee contained and the cats in their carriers. I watched how the supervisor, Tim worked and the other 2 guys, just did what they had to. Practically had to be told by Tim, to do anything. Then one guy tripped over a pipe, and sprained his ankle. Tim told him to walk it off.

The next day, they were a bit behind - they put in the garden window but left before the work was completed. They still needed to caulk, and clean up and put those little button things on the windows.

Susie LOVES her garden window 

They were starting another big job the next day and Tim said he would have to fit us in - to finish. When he came, I had been smelling gas for the last 2 days and the husband and the workers said they didn't smell it - that it was my imagination.  Finally, I just told my husband, I smelled gas and placed the alarm inside the oven, where it went off. He called PGE and told them, and they came out immediately. As soon as the PGE lady came in, she said she could smell it. (NOTICE it was a woman who could smell it, but the men, could not) We had to evacuate our house and animals and that meant Tim, had to leave. She was here for over an hour, before the smell had gone, in all areas of the house.

By the time she left, it was around dinnertime, and it was a Friday and that meant, no work till Monday.

Monday came - No show from Tim. Tuesday he called and said he would come Wednesday. No show on Wednesday. He then called and said for sure, he would be here on Thursday. (Today)  I was mad, so I left the house so I wouldn't be rude. He did finally show up and when he left (in a hurry) he left the old window, a caulking mess on the side of the house - he didn't clean up, didn't caulk under the window, and just left us those little white buttons that hides the screws, for us to do.

The husband is mad. See, he was too friendly with Tim. We all want to be nice but when you do that, they feel they can stretch it - we allowed him to disarm us. So, the husband said, he would call Tim back there to clean up do the rest.

I am so done with it all. Next is the roof.

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  1. I once smelled gas at our house and Richard could not smell it! I worked night shift and slept in the daytime. Richard went to work. He came bursting into the bedroom later saying the Gas company has called and they had found a gas leak in our neighborhood. The "lady" who came to our house told me in the future if I smelled gas to call it in. She said it is always the ladies who smell it. The men hardly ever do. Richard always believed me after that. He felt terrible!!


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