Friday, May 13, 2016

The upcoming elections

Who LOOKS the most Presidential??? 

Okay, I'm just going to say it - I am disgusted with the upcoming elections. So disgusted, I don't know what I will do.

"Hillary Clinton, Come on down"

I can't stand Hillary - never cared for her when she was first lady and all that with Bill. I haven't gotten over it. All I see in her, is Hypocrisy. My Mom loved her. Hillary's voice gets to me - she sounds so shrill. She just looks like a bitch. Why would I vote for a bitch? Just because she is a woman? She also looks unkept - greasy. Probably showers once a week. Definitely NOT Presidential.

"Hey Baby"

We'd get Bill, AGAIN.

"@&#$ YOU"

Donald Trump - Oh My. This is a JOKE, right? It's turning out to be real. I still am waiting, for him to endorse Hillary. I never hated him; never really thought that much about him, until lately. I just don't know. At times, he seems likeable - at times he seems like a stubborn jerk. Reminds me of a younger Archie Bunker.

"And it's one, two, three,What are we fighting for ?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Vietnam.
And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain't no time to wonder why 
Whoopee! we're all gonna die."

Bernie Sanders- Now, years ago, he would of been, MY MAN! I've grown up a bit. Reminds me a little of McGovern and Dukakis - and we know how that turned out.  Granted there are things he says, I like. Then there are some things I am not down with - like he never had a paying job till he was 40???  Really????? Basically he is just an old hippie, radical from the 60's. I believe he could beat them all. He is likeable - and passionate and I believe he tells the truth. I just don't know. I do smile everytime he wins a state.

Nothing new under the sun, with Hillary.  I suspect, there would be scandal upon scandal if Hilliary becomes President, which would be embarassing and distracting.

I fear, with Donald, he will be yelling across the table at Vladimir, "You're FIRED!"
Or he'll end up insulting ever female leader on their looks, from Angela Merkle to Park Geun-hye of South Korea.

Or that Putin will finally release Hillary's hacked emails right before her Inauguration. Or that she will be indicted. Or some other baggage of hers will float to the top.

Honestly, Bernie is the nicest of them all - he is just not Presidential.

Sometimes I get Handsome and Presidential mixed up

Now days, people aren't looking for a Presidential President. They want someone like themselves. I'm old fashioned. I like Presidents who stand tall, and represent the United States - and doesn't back down. Who has a kind heart but is not a weenie. I don't know if they have anyone like that anymore.

First Republican I ever voted for

So, do I NOT VOTE, this year? It would be a first for me. I always prided myself, that I voted for the man, not the party but once again, now days, if you don't want one person getting elected you have to vote for someone you don't like. I mean, that's crazy. Maybe it's always been this way.

One of my historical Favorites.

Tough-guy President and there is a aircraft carrier named for him. (My Navy served on it)


  1. I hear ya! For the first time in my adult life I am seriously considering not voting this year. They are making a mockery of our country and I don't want to contribute to it! Gah!!

  2. I'm having the same internal debate: Do I just NOT vote? When we find out who the candidates are, officially, I will do some research. I'm most scared it will be Hillary vs. Trump. Hillary scares me. Trump is so volatile he's like a literal "wild" card. Poor Bernie. I don't love him, I don't hate him. I just don't know him. Hence, I'd research.

  3. It certainly is a contentious year. I've been thinking about a neutral, off ball comment to make to all things political this year. Right now I am thinking of "Would you like fries with that?"
    However, I am voting and have a pick. I am not all that jaded. Politics is ugly business and it has to be. How else can you say so many things to make so many people happy when doing what needs to be done is damn unpleasant. They are only President. They don't make all the rules. They just reflect what they think they need to say to be voted in.

    1. Our forefathers set it up, that even a President can't do that much damage.

  4. Elections are a pain because we often have no idea which idiot to vote for, we have to vote here again in July and I really don't know who I am going to vote for as I don't trust or like either of them that much

  5. I think most of the country is having the same debate. I think the people that are in the Trump camp are just sick and tired of Politicians altogether. I like some of what Trump has to say. And I think we could use a businessman at the helm. But he is in no way Presidental, for sure. And I can't imagine what harm he will cause. As for Hillary, I like her. I loved her husband and I loved my life during his terms in office. I got sick to death of the "so called scandal" Lots of presidents have had mistresses and girls on the side (hell lots of men do period)(and women for that matter) and I think it is time for a woman president. I don't give a hoot about her email scandal. And Bernie just disturbs me for some reason. He is too old I am afraid. Will he last through a difficult term. It might depend on who he chooses as his running mate. My problem with Bernie is where is the money going to come from for some of his hare-brained ideas. Ah American politics. Love it or not! I WILL vote. It is not only my right (which was long fought for) but it is my duty!!


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