Saturday, May 14, 2016


When our adult kids moved out - Char in mid Feb. and the guys, 4 weeks later, the Husband and I were excited. We could get our house back, start fixing it up and getting things done around the house. One BIGGIE was the motorhome that sat at the side of our house. Char lived in it for 2 years. 

We had been talking about getting rid of it - selling it. 

It wouldn't start. So we bought a battery.

It still wouldn't start. 

So I placed an ad on Craigslist. $2500 or best offer. The low retail is $8500 but that is if it was running and we do have some maintanance on the inside that has to be done. 

We were offered $1500. Just makes me sick. We paid $39,000 back in 2003 when it was 9 years old. With interest, we paid more like $70,000 +. It just HIT me. NO WAY was I going to let her go, for that amount. 

We had her towed on Tuesday to the mechanic. We've decided that while she is a money pit and white elephant, she is OUR Money-Pit/White Elephant, And she still has some fun left in her. (I think - I hope)  


1. Just get her running
2. Just get her smogged

That's all. Oh and we're going to store her instead of parking her to the side of the house. It's always been an hour long hassle to pull her in and take her out. 

I even joined a website where you book and rent out your RV. That's a possibility.  

Then the Husband goes to work, and one of his co-workers keeps asking about buying the motorhome. 

Who knows? We just stick to THE PLAN and we'll see what happens. 

If push comes to shove, we'll donate her and get the tax write off. It's not as much as you would think. $500 at first and then whatever they get at auction. They would send us the amount for our taxes. 


  1. Wow! That offer was too low. I have a friend whose big fancy motor home sits on her property. It doesn't start, and since her husband died, she doesn't use it. I wonder if she keeps it for sentimental reasons. She and her husband had a lot of fun traveling in it until gas became too expensive.


    1. That is what happens to most of them. We lived in ours for 4 years and had a blast. Char lived in it for 2. The rest of that time, it either sat or was not used as much as it should of, because of the gas prices.

  2. That's horrible, but I guess it's like buying a new car which depreciates greatly as soon as you drive it off the lot. Good luck. I hope you get it going!

  3. I wouldn't want to sell it for that low price either but that is just me, I would love to own a motorhome but can't afford one which is why we bought a caravan instead

    1. We have a caravan too. Are we talking about the same caravan? Dodge Caravan???

  4. My husband has said the only he'll go camping is in an RV. I think a website where you can rent it out sounds like a great idea!

    1. The website has all the legal forms you need. It looks pretty easy. We'll see...


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