Saturday, May 07, 2016

Our yards

After 5 years of drought, our front and back yards are terrible. The lawn is dead - the only thing we have now are green weeds. Once our 100 degree heat starts, mid June, they will be yellow. The powers that be, still can't decide if we are still in a drought or what. Apparently Northern California had the most rain but Southern California didn't get enough, so we may have to ration water again this summer.

I don't care really. If you live in California, especially Northern, we have always been aware of the water situation. California, historically has always been in need of water. TRUTH be told, that it is not so much, lack of rain but the historic drought was really just poor water management. I could of told them 2 years before they officially called it a drought - that we should be rationing water, but they didn't. Some people here, mainly transplants from other parts of the country, just don't know how to cut back on watering.

It's simple really - if you water your lawns daily, those little grass blades get used to it. Then miss a day or two, and you wonder why your lawn gets yellow. I've always had well-trained lawns. So when drought hit, they would stay green. Well that was at my other home in the bay area, where I admit, it is way cooler than up here. Plus we had a puppy with BIG paws, so that does damage to the lawns.

With all the home renovations, many in the neighborhood are redoing their lawns, Some are putting in expensive sod, and others are putting in drought-resistent natives. We plan to wait it out another year before we do anything. And when we do, it will be native plants and a small patch of lawn for the front yard and in the back, some hardy playground-type grass that will withstand, a rambuncious pup!  And if weeds enter in the lawn, so be it. If they are green and stay green, they can stay.


  1. Is that your lawn in the picture? Looking great!
    I love California, and I used to live in the Southern part for a while. Our landlord had put in some water conserving device in the shower heads which may have been great for the environment but a pia for me - taking a shower underneath a trickle...

    1. No, my lawn doesn't look this good. It's my friends yard.


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