Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At least we SAVED $$$$$ on installation

Today, the stove and microwave was delivered. We were told 9:30 - they came at 11am. Then the guy stood by his truck and talked on his phone - granted, he was talking to another worker but still, we were anxious to install this over the stove or under the cabinet microwave. The husband said he could easily install it. He saved us a couple hundred dollars.

He started soon after it was delivered and he had to go to Home Depot for something and he finished at exactly 8pm. Oh my, he cussed and fumed. He bent one of the screws. He had to go to his tool box and look around for a screw that would fit. I was PRAYING he wouldn't have to go out and buy one - he was MAD at himself. Why do men take it so personal if they don't get it right?

I'd take a picture but the kitchen is a mess and the windows are being installed today and tomorrow. The husband is not happy about that, because when they called and wanted to move it up, I didn't check with him. It so happens he has to work a 12 hour shift and won't get a nap in, before he goes to work. Oops! We still have to move everything away from the windows allowing for about 3 feet, so they can get in and work.

It will ALL be over soon. We just have to keep our heads and be patient. Just roll with it.


  1. My husband always takes 2 or 3 times longer to do a project. We always install our own windows, a few at a time.
    I remember when we got our over the stove microwave. We had to buy a cabinet to have something to hold the microwave. It doesn't matter that it doesn't match. Nothing does. :)

    1. That's called eclectic and that is my favorite style.

      My husband knew he wouldn't be able to lift those windows, but I sat and watched them, and it looked fairly easy. The garden window took 3 men to lift it up to the window hole.


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