Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The A-Z Kontinuing story of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

Meet the Jagger Flower aka Hot Lips. Yes, its real. This is the sluttish blossom
of Psychotria elata, a native of tropical America.

Back by popular demand - 2013's A-Z "Kiss me over the Garden Gate.

To katch-up on the whole story start with:

1. Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate
2. A Kontinuing story of relationships and a round of golf 
3. A-Z: Is this Z end? 

"Don't get your knickbockers in a bunch." Kim smiled as the 5 year olds scrambled in line for their noon meal of Knackwurst sandwiches, kiwis and kraft Macaroni and cheese.

Kimberly was a kindergarten teacher now for 3 years - married to Rico and living in Kilijuni with 12 kids to a klassroom.  Kimberly loved Rico - who was now konnected to the kingpin of the Kampong Kingdom Kinsman. A very dangeorus organization of kaffeeklatschers and kremlinologists, who like to kill.

To be kontinued...

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