Monday, April 18, 2016

M is for Monday

I'm behind, I know...will try and catch up.

Happy Monday everyone. I am probably one of a few, who actually like Mondays. It's a beginning and I love beginnings. As I sit, drinking my cup of coffee, Mondays give me HOPE - that I may accomplish all the things I gave up on last week! There's always a Monday...

I also love the beginnings of a new year, new month - like a new adventure awaits, new opportunities to unfold. The possibilities are endless.

I even liked Mondays when I used to work. Well, sometimes.

So, this Monday sets forth a week of getting my house in order for a special dinner we are having Friday night with Grandpa and his lady friend. She;s just a friend, but he does think a lot of her. It will be nice, to have them over - nice dinner and good old fashioned conversation.

Now on to N....


  1. I like Mondays more now that I am retired than I did as a fifth grade teacher with kids at home. It is a nice new beginning...

    1. Throughout my life, I have had a love/hate relationship with Mondays, mostly "like". But yes, they are much more enjoyable after you retire.


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