Thursday, April 07, 2016


The flying dog

So I mentioned the painting - I didn't mention the Fence.

Our lab-pit Laydee learned how to climb the fence. Now I said, climb not jump. She could probably do that as well. She can climb trees, too. Our side fence, needed to be replaced and when the new neighbors moved in, the husband kept mentioning how we both needed to replace the fence. Last summer, we had already replaced the other fence on the other side - We along with our other neighbors, got estimates etc. and made the decision together.

However, the new neighbor informed us, that he had already bought the fence material and hired someone to install the fence. OKAY. He told us, that to install the fence it would cost $200 and our share would be $100. OKAY. He would give us a copy of the receipt for the wood.

So the guys came out - tore down the old fence - put up the new fence. It looks great.

Then the new neighbor comes over and said he HEARD wrong. Instead of it being $200 it was actually $1200. WHAT??? The wood for the fence came to $1200 as well, with our share being $600. For me, this made for a awkward situation with our new neighbor. Not so for my husband. He just told the husband, that he told us $200 and we'll pay our original agreed upon amount of $100. The neighbor agreed it was his costly mistake.

I feel guilty about the whole thing - The husband does not.

Okay so that was the side fence. The small fence by our house was ours. So the day Laydee learned to climb over, we knew we had to replace it and fast. So the husband, replaced it and all is well with the fences. We have a back fence that looks like hell - the HUGE dog on the other side Cooper likes to jump at the fence and Laydee on our side, is no angel. But the neighbor on the back, is laid back and so we'll get it done, a section at a time. No biggie.

There is MORE to this story I will fit in, on a later date this A-Z month....


  1. That's a pretty big mistake...$200, oops, no make that $1200. Mmm, I'm not sure how I would have handled that. Apparently your neighbor already had made the decision to replace the fence on his own. I wonder if he would have even approached you about chipping in.

    1. Just an all around strange situation.

  2. I agree with your husband. It would have been awkward if the neighbor didn't agree that it was his mistake, but as long as he recognized that, no worries!

    1. The man seems pretty reasonable. I haven't met the wife yet


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