Monday, April 11, 2016

Do you have...ISSUES?

We ALL have issues. I know I sure have mine. Being an introvert, conjours up all kinds of issues with myself and hey, at least I admit it. That's half the battle.

The husband has his issues and most of the time, his issues are not compatible with mine. I guess that is a good thing.

Even my dog has issues! She doesn't like other dogs, that much. She has "issues" with anybody walking past our house.

So exactly WHAT are issues? 
Back in the day, before political correctness,  stunk up the land, we had PROBLEMS or QUIRKS or character and personality defects. Some today might lump issues along with phobias or compulsions.  Whatever! It seems, it's become more mainstream now. Everyone has issues. It's just a more acceptable way, to describe, than to say, "I have some compulsions." or "I have many phobias." or how about, "I have PROBLEMS". You say it that way, and no one wants to be around you. But say you have "ISSUES" and hey, we're all in it TOGETHER. you have any issues????


  1. Heck yea girl, everybody's got somethin'. I admit to mine too like I got no patience, I need my space, I need alone time, etc. The list goes on and on.

  2. I have issues with people talking to me before I've settled into my desk at work. This wasn't an issue until I moved into the new, open-plan section of the building where everyone can see my face and feels compelled to talk at it. Let me have my coffee and check my email, maybe do something once, and THEN I'll talk.

    1. I get it. That would be me as well.

  3. I am also an introvert and I really wish I wasn't. Sometimes I would love to be with a group of people and be flitting around talking to everyone! It also keeps me home more than I would like but I am working on that!

  4. I have so many issues that I couldn't possibly write about them in one day! Don't we all? I am loving your blog. Glad I found it!

  5. Too many issues to mention - my husband is very kind and says they make life more interesting. Great blog.


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