Monday, March 07, 2016

My empty nest is all mine

Ugh, it has been hectic but my sons are now settled in their own apartment. Lets celebrate! 

It's been 2 weeks! Still have not moved into the office yet because the Husband was distracted with something else. His sister had brain surgery in Jan. and needed her daughter to caretake her, so they asked to use our motorhome for the daughter to live in, beside her place. But miscommunication, between, mother and daughter means we have some time - at least till April. Now hopefully we will be back on the plan.

I cleaned the carpet, in the office and bought 2 office waiting room chairs at a thrift store. Nothing fancy. I want the office to look like a office; not a teeny tiny living room with a loveseat. Too big plus knowing us, we'll start lounging in there.

I'm happy for them all. Char is settled in and has a really cute apartment that I am helping her to decorate. The guys...well they hardly had any furniture, just boxes and old stuff we had out in the garage and pieces of furniture that I said they could use. They are using a card table and 2 folding chiars as their kitchen table, I gave them 2 older Lazy boy chairs, and some older lamps I was going to sell at a yard sale. Foodie bought a bed and right now they are saving to buy a flat-screen TV and get some kind of cable/internet.

It's awfully quiet around here in the evenings, when the husband is at work. Right now I am enjoying the quiet - still have not settled into a new routine yet. We plan on having a get together with friends, when we get the house put back together.

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