Friday, November 06, 2015

Not my Problem

My overnight house-guests have come and gone and I am glad that is over. I admit, I did enjoy their visit and we ended up, going out for Mexican food! Oye Vey!

I think I finally just pooped out - got to the point where I didn't care how my house looked. I mean, we are still in the process of painting. We had covers on our new for us, sofas - I left them on. Things were clean enough,  even if the house wasn't as I usually like it to be.

We stayed up late talking. The lady is a chatter box. She talks a mile a minute and goes from one subject to another. I was happy that I did not have to talk that much.

One thing that bothered me - she said she has not seen her daughter in 20 years. It wasn't like they were estranged from each other either. Just never got around to it. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? She has grandchildren, she has never seen, that are in their late teens. I know it's none of my business and I did not ask but I find that odd.

Oh well. Not my problem.


  1. I can't imagine not seeing my child for 20 years because I didn't get around to it, what the hell, as you know I see my girls each week often many times in a week and have one daughter moving home so will be seeing her daily and not seeing grandchildren NO BLOODY WAY

    1. I am totally with you on this. I would beg, borrow and steal, in order to see my kids, if I lived far away. We lived in California and my grandparents lived in Ohio, and we went back every 2-3 years or would have Grandma fly out to us. That is just some crazy stuff and it's probably non of my business and MORE than meets the story.

  2. Glad the visit didn't turn out half bad. :) I know when I get grandkids, I hope to see them regularly!

  3. Wow. I sure don't understand that. My daughters, sons-in-law and 13 grandkids get together every major Holiday, milestone birthday. Now some grandkids are at the point where there are the in-laws for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I understand but it is a bit sad, too. Not seeing them or the daughters and sons-in-law for that long would never fly with me.


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