Monday, November 02, 2015

Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night

Who knows? Only they do, at the moment. My husband is convinced they are not the kind that would just bounce in here tonight, without letting us know they are on their way. He told her, to let him know ahead of time, so he can take the evening off from work. I believe that is what stresses me out the most - that he won't be here and I will have to dazzle them with my quiet personality.

She is a real estate agent so usually they are outgoing and bold. You have to be. So in case I am the one who has to engage them in conversation, I can:

Ask them about their drive here and what all they saw
Talk about their move and how exciting it will be for them to see the rest of their family in WA.
The weather?

Now I am stuck!  When I get nervous, and I feel that people are expecting me to talk, I start talking about things I shouldn't, with people I do not know. Then I regret it afterwards.

Lets just HOPE it all works out the way it is supposed to - with the husband here, talking and  reminiscing together.

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