Sunday, November 01, 2015


Growing up, we rarely had people come and stay at our house. They only ones I remember, was my aunt and her husband and 3 kids from Tennessee. They came to town, just a day or two after we moved into a new home. I thought it was fun - It was my dad's favorite sister and I know he really enjoyed them. When I think of it now, maybe my mom was a bit stressed, having just moved in and boxes and things all over the place. I also don't remember where anybody slept. IMPORTANT details.

When I had my growing family, I just had no room for house quests. I lived in a small home, 1000 sq feet, with one bathroom, 3 boys and 5 cats and a family daycare 5 days a week. It's not like I could just close down my business. I had to apologize many times, why I could not have them stay. If they stayed one night, came after I closed and left before they children arrived, then fine. It would of been hectic, and if they didn't mind sleeping in the daycare room on the floor!

When we moved up here, we had this one single guy who actually planned his vacation - to stay with us for 1 week. At first it was fun - we had a spare bedroom. After day 3, it became annoying and it was clear, he was just a user. 30 minute showers everyday and I had to drive him all over. He came again, the next year and then eventually moved up here. Sadly we are no longer, friendly.

Now I have a full house. The spare bedroom, belongs to Foodie. My office is now where Navy sleeps and to the side of our home, is our motor home, that homes my step-daughter. We are bursting at the seams.

So the other day, some gal who my husband knew when he was single, at his church, asked him if she and her adult daughter could stay the night at our house, because she is moving from Colorado back up to Washington State. The husband said YES. I do not know these people. Apparently, years ago, my husband stayed overnight at her house in Arizona  (back when she was married) when he was driving from Florida, back up to Washington State. This was 1999.

I'm okay with it - but he will have to take the night off from work because I am not a good conversationalist with people I have no history with. I'm good for maybe an hour of small talk. (That's stretching it) AND since I am a introvert, it literally wears me out!

So they will sleep in the RV with Charleen - the table makes into a bed and the couch makes into a bed. They will have to come inside, to use the hall bathroom.

Yesterday husband tells me they keep kosher. So I spent 3 hours, trying to find kosher food. I was getting frustrated - I finally decided on some Manischewitz soup mix, pita chips and hummus, and good old Hebrew National all beef hot dogs. The only thing - the buns, the relish and condiments are not kosher. That was just for 1 meal. I have to find something for breakfast that is kosher.

I admit, I was grumbling a bit...I would never expect people to go to that much trouble for me. I am pleased I did find something. It was that, or drive 200 miles to Sacramento for the closest international market.

They were supposed to come tonight - They called to say they are taking their time, that they just left Salt Lake City and want to go through Yosemite before they head on up to us.

I'm still in the dark - as to when they will actually get here.


  1. I understand how to feels to be stressed out with guests staying. And as an introvert, I can certainly relate. I hope it goes smoothly.

    1. only introverts truly understand

  2. I would be super annoyed if Tim did that to me, I hate house guests I am a very private person and do not like people around, I am not sure how I am going to cope having my daughter and grandson living back here again

    1. You'll get used to it hoepfully, only because they are family.


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