Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trying to get back into life again

Saturday, my sister's husband held a Memorial service for her at the Lutheran Church. Apparently, she had met the Pastor a month or two before she died - inquiring about attending there if she could get her husband to attend with her. Isn't that interesting? So she never was able to get him there, until after she died. My brother-in-law actually liked the service - felt it was comforting to him. AND he will be hanging out with the Pastor in the coming days.

I have always detested the word, CLOSURE, but there is something to it. Death is the ultimate closure - but I believe it takes the mind awhile to actually accept it. And we need rituals, traditions (even those we thought we had given up on) and tangible things we can see with your eyes, to help in this "closure".

It's helping me. Can't say I've actually arrived...but it's helping.

It is amazing to me how one death, changes so many lives. Here I was, the mother of 3 sons and 1 step-daughter and now, I have gained a niece and a great nephew that will no doubt be more to me - a daughter and a grandson. Nina and I have already gotten so close. She checks in with me and when we are together she loves on me. She is very affectionate. Tells me I look like her mom and I smell like her mom. (my sister)

Wow, so I need to step up to the plate - more than I have been.

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