Friday, October 23, 2015

Painting and Decorarting

IT seems like we have been doing this forever. So many interruptions - Believe it or not, we still have half a wall to do, and that is just the living room. I still have the hallway. I wanted all of this done by the end of Halloween so not all is lost. I still have time.

So I had been saving, for a new sofa and loveseat. The new ones, are cheaply made. I'd have to spend more than what I saved for to get a sturdy decent one, that wouldn't wear out. Then again, I did not want something so grand, that my dog and cats would tear up. So I opted for a previously-used one. (The yuppie way of saying USED) I checked the thrift stores, and craigslist. I finally found a loveseat and sofa, in good condition I could live with. $395 for both.

I had no idea, it was genuine suede. PROBLEM: Susie is all over it, trying to tackle and bite it and the dog jumps from loveseat to sofa - Susie just wouldn't stop scratching it so I dug out some old sofa covers I used years ago on my other sofa and loveseat. Now we can't see how nice the sofa is. It's all covered up.

It's better than what my little great nephew did to his Mommy and daddy's new white leather sofa.

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