Friday, October 30, 2015

Morbid curiosity

Okay I admit it - since my first death, the passing of my son back in 2003, I have become morbid. Not in a "criminal minds" kind-of-way, but I am more curious about death, dying, and what happens to our bodies after we die. I'm curious about both the physical body and the spiritual mind. It fascinates me.

It's not something I go around, telling people. It's not like I like to watch horror flicks because I don't. I am only interested in the reality of it all. I especially am interested in those who have had near-death experiences. And those who have encountered their loved ones, after they have died.

Just after my sister's death and during the time, that she would of been cremated, I wanted to know about that. I did not know, that some funeral homes actually have closed circuit TV in a viewing room, where friends and family can watch, their loved ones burn. NOW that's morbid. I am not that far gone, because I have no interest in watching such a awful event. So in a way, while I am ashamed of my morbid curiosity, I am relieved I am not THAT bad.

Four Poems on Morbid Curiosity


  1. I don't watch to watch the bodies burn. I was present at one death in the nursing home. It was peaceful and moving. I can't vouch for conditions in other nursing homes, but we treated the with deceased with great respect.


    1. The nursing home industry is big here - 2 sons, my husband and my step daughter all work in care facilities. Foodie always tells me when someone dies. He never just gets used to it. He always has to talk about it. Navy also, has grown quite attached to the veterans and he will come home and let me know, when one of them have passed.


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