Monday, October 26, 2015

Health Report

I had mentioned to you all, that I was going to get a check up, after my sister's sudden death.

My liver is good. My blood pressure was 118/60. Low but normal for me. Mammogram, came out fine. Still waiting to hear about the xrays on my knees. No diabetes.

The not-so-good news: My cholesterol is high. The good is too low, the bad is too high, the Triglyceride levels are high. I wasn't too surprised about that. 10 years ago, I was on Lipitor. I took myself off of it, because I didn't want to take medications and I wanted a chance to do it on my own. I still am not going on it - I will wait 3-6 months and keep restricting my diet and if it comes out the same, then it's just inherited. (which I already know that it is) I am a heart-attack waiting to happen - its that high.

But the real shocker was my kidneys. The tests show I am in early CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) What???? That was news to me. My Doctor told me not to be concerned about it - that high cholesterol will raise those numbers. If we get that down, it will ease up on my kidneys.

I was down for a few days - still am not pleased with it all. I was shocked. I thought, with the exception of my aches and pains, that I was doing okay.

I don't want to die this young - but I might. So I have decided, just in case - I need to make arrangements. A will, write things down and list things I want to give to my children. I also want to clean up my house. Get rid of the stupid stuff that I do not want people going through after I die. One thing, my sister's house was immaculate. I need to be more organized so people aren't having to tear my house apart, looking for things. It's not that bad - I just tend to clutter and keep things that I probably should just throw out.

We have a good friend right now, who is dying. Her husband has taken her on a once of a lifetime road trip, seeing friends and family before she dies. Sad, that people can't do these things when everyone is well. Same with my sister's memorial. Family and old friends all gather afterwards at my sisters house. Many of us hadn't seen each other in 20 years. We vowed to get together - but you know how that goes. Everyone gets busy.

ANYWAY, that is my mission now. I'll get my social security started when I turn 62 in March and I will live everyday to the fullest. We just never know, do we?


  1. The last time I had blood work done, I learned my cholesterol was too high. The solution is no more blood work for me. I'm sorry you have health concerns, though.


    1. Ahhhh the good old denial trick. I wish I could do that.

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    The husband is on cholesterol meds. They are free!

    1. Yeah I think mine had a very small co-pay, 10-15 years ago when I was on Lipitor. My cousin says he is on them, and he feels great. So I may get on them again. I want to live.


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