Thursday, October 22, 2015

Free as the wind

Heading toward Yosemite - from the Eastern side of the Sierras. 

At the end of Sept and just before my sister's memorial was announced, we took off for a few days. I mean, we threw some sleeping bags in our van, loaded up the dog and took off. We slept in the van - one night we stayed at a 60's-type motel just outside Yosemite. The town of Lee Vining, is a step back into the 60's and 70's. Before we got there, we took an even bigger step back in time. We went to the old ghost town, Bodie. I LOVED that place. 

Bodie, Ca

We really had a good time - just driving where we wanted, making no pre-arrangements or motel/hotel/campsite reservations. Each morning when we woke up, we really had no idea where we would end up that night. We ran across a US Marine Corp Mountain training camp, just north of Yosemite, that we had no idea was there. Since we had no itinerary, we were able to check it out and at lunch there at the base. 



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