Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I love FREE

The other day I was driving down the street, when I saw a FREE sign on this patio chair and stool. I stopped and thought about it - then decided that if it was still there when I got back, I'd take it.

Sure enough, as I turned the corner, there it was. As I was loading it into the van, the people came home - elderly couple who said, it was handmade and very sturdy.

I'll paint it next spring. Meanwhile I just love it. I sit in it, in the morning (with my cup of coffee) and watch everybody go to work.

PS. Notice all the leaves - my trees have been faked out - they think it's Fall. Must be because of the drought.


  1. The chair and the stool look perfectly fine. A paint job will make them look even nicer.
    You did a good deed salvaging them and the owner did too by leaving it out instead of trashing it. If only there were more people like you.

    1. I enjoy other peoples throwaways.

  2. That's a nice chair. What color will you point it?
    Nothing free lately, but they reduced the membership fees at the YMCA. unheard of.

    1. I'll think about painting it next Spring.

      Reduced fees at YMCA? Wow unheard of is right. Maybe it is the start of a new trend.


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