Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Don't Worry about me

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I am not a drinker. Oh occasionally, I'll have a beer with Mexican food or a glass of wine - but I go months without having any. Seems the older I get, I just don't enjoy it as much. So for me, to drink to cope is just not me. If I did that - I'd be dead by now, with as many deaths as I have overcome in the last 12 years.

to this, in 2 years.
BTW, my cousin standing in this photo with my sister, passed away from cancer on Monday. We all knew he was going. Our family has taken some hard hits, this year. 

No, I tend to want answers. I need to be sober to do that! I research and try and find out why. That alone can become an obsession with me. It keeps me busy. I was on the Liver Foundation Website and there are many things that could of contributed to it. From what I am reading, anyone who takes Milk Thistle is doing it for their liver. So she must have known something. Sure, it supposedly helps with diabetes 2 and cholesterol but the main reason would be for the liver. Now, this is upsetting to know, that many doctors do not recommend it due to not enough research done on it. Plus everything passes through the liver. When in doubt, don't take supplements - just eat healthy. I for one, do not take vitamins or supplements. I hate swallowing pills. I do take a anti-depressant, an anti-inflammatory and a non-opiate sleep aid that is a anti-depressant. Oh and I take that GERD med, omeprazole. I hate that I am on these medications - Each one, I pretty much need. I guess the lesser one would be the GERD and that could be treated by limiting what I eat. I tried that. I couldn't eat anything. IT was miserable. I could go every other day.

I told my family I would call my doctor to get my liver checked out - just in case. I haven't done it yet. I checked my eyes, and they are not yellow. One of the first signs of a problem liver. I will - I am just dragging my feet. Maybe I am scared too. Maybe I am a lot like my sister, in that case. Not wanting bad news, but knowing that I don't want to leave my family grieving and needing answers.

RIP little sister!


  1. She looks lovely. With the amount that you drink, I'll bet your liver is fine. Don't know what else to say...stay healthy.

  2. I don't blame you for wanting answers. I do too.

    I guess our body has a particular way it works. It probably can take a little bit of carelessness but not a whole lot of abuse. Just like the liver, Pancreas has it's demands in order to function If I were to over load it with sugar that is hard to process I will aggravate my Diabetes. So I think that a little cheating is OK while carelessness will probably make me blind. On the other hand I think of those people who cannot even think of even a little bit of cheating. I think that is true for almost every system in our body too. I too have GERD and I wake up every morning at two and walk around so the food I ate stays down.

    Hang in there. Pat yourself on the back. As long as you are doing your best to take care of yourself, you are giving a testimony that you value your life and your health.

    It is a very good tribute to your sister that you are getting your liver checked out.

    My family's and my prayers are with you guys.

    1. It sure is a lesson for all of us. Thanks for your prayers.


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