Monday, August 03, 2015

Lady, Ladie or Laydee - what's in a name?

 When we rescued Daisey Mae, we kept her name because she was an older dog and she answered to it. I am so co-dependent to my animals, that I couldn't bare to change her name. She already had a tough life as a stray. She WAS a Daisey Mae.

 When I had my border collie-springer spaniel, years ago, I got him as a puppy so we named him Sport. He was a Sport-puppy, later grew to be nicknamed, Sport-dog.

 So, we took Lady from my husband's sister. Her name was Lady. I was not thrilled with the name and for the life of me, I could not come up with anything, that rhymed with Lady - I was totally brain-dead. I also didn't want to hurt his sister's feelings, by changing her name, even though she was now OUR dog. So I changed the spelling of her name, to give her some originality. Ladie - Only problem: It still sounds like Lady.

The light bulb went off a few days ago on names that sounded like Lady. My great great niece, who is adorable and takes after her great great aunt, is named Zaydee.

I found an old CD that I used to love - The best of SADE.
I could of named her KADY.

Someone called her Laddie. This is NOT working. So I decided to keep her name and change the spelling once again, and this time it stays. She is Laydee. That should be easy to pronounce. LAYYYY DEEEEEE. How can they mess that up?


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