Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A good neighbor fence

The fence to be replaced

We have good neighbors on all sides of us. No we are not best friends, but we all watch out for each other. It's just known. We don't do BBQ's or parties. On one side of us, is a CHP (California Highway Patrol) and his family. The only issue with them is a barking yappy dog. Barks all the time. Constant. We've even bought one of those bark zappers, you put outside but it doesn't work for the yappy dog. Seems like only the big dogs, it bugs. Their big dog doesn't bark that much and when he does, it's not bothersome. They sold their house a few months ago, but are renting it back to the new owners till their new house is built. They will move sometime in December. We haven't met the new neighbors, only know they are older, like us.

The leaning fence that refuses to fall

The other side is a wonderful family with 2 girls, 2 dogs, 1 cat. The fence in-between us, is falling apartment. It has to be fixed.  So we contacted a fence builder who gave us a bid. The neighbor man, didn't like it and said he would check with his friend, a builder. So we are going with his friend and saving $100 each. That's great but the date keeps getting later and later. It was supposed to started today, but now the new date is August 18. I hope the builder-friend is not taking advantage of his friend status with our neighbor. I want this done and over with. I am not looking forward to the inconvenience of not enjoying my private backyard. It's bad enough, that the husband butchered  trimmed all the bushes, to where now I can see their house.

You will definitely be hearing more about this as this happens.


  1. I once did not make an offer on a house that had BIG yappy dogs next door.

  2. I am lucky that as renters we don't have to worry about replacing fences, also thankfully our fences are in good repair because if they ever need repairing the Dept of Housing would most likely suck at getting them repaired


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