Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Rear End Accident 

Jeanette, I totally agree with you. I was a single mom when my sons were of driving age, I told them my rule was age 18.  We lived in a urban area, public transportation was good so they LIVED. My Swedish nanny family told me that it is age 18 in Sweden. At least in the late 1990's.

Susie: I like technology to a point - The kid was not paying attention. So it is probable that he was texting or doing something, he shouldn't of been doing, while driving.

Ruth:  Thank God he did have insurance, through his parents. And it is mandatory here as well (liability) but we have so many undocumented workers that many drive without drivers license and insurance. Years ago, I was rear-ended by one, in the Silicon Valley. She was driving a BMW and looked professional. We exchanged all the pertinent information and it looked legit to me, only to find out it was a fake drivers license and no such insurance. We got off good this time.

Joanne:  I was pissed. I'm over it now. We had like 4 months left to pay off. The insurance paid us a fair value - but it is still hard to find, what we had in a previously owned vehicle. (more later) OH well, it's only a car/van/hatchback/SUV/Truck/convertible or Hybrid.

Dee: Teenagers scare me PERIOD these days. Really though, with the exception of texting and their phones, were we any better??? 


  1. I was just going for another cup of coffee and stopped to check my e-mail and saw your comment. Nice to meet you. You have a very funny blog and I am following.

  2. I am glad he did have coverage. In Iowa, the driving age is 16, but it is graduated license so there are restrictions at first. My daughter waited til she was 18 though.

    1. I waited till I was 18 back then. I worked in San Francisco and I just took the Greyhound into the City and then Muni to work. I did that for about 2 years before I bought a car.


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