Thursday, July 30, 2015

What difference does it make?

ATTENTION:  This is a RANT of a political nature. MY BLOG, my RANT. I'm not trying to sway anyone to any political position. So if it offends you, then either get un-offended or stop following my blog.  I am so sick of overly sensitive people. Practically everyone is offended by something.  These are just my honest thoughts. Seems like no one these days can have their own opinions and voice them for fear of retribution. Everyone stands by their party affiliation regardless of the person running. I don't. I knock Democrats as well as the Republicans and with a Presidential race, just up ahead of us, I might be making more comments...or maybe not.

I do not like Hillary Clinton.  I never have. She is the type of person, I would not even like as a friend. So why would I vote for her? Just because she's a woman? I am not that dumb or desperate for a woman President. It has to be the right woman and frankly she is not the right one for me. I rarely if ever, have commented so strongly on a political matter, but that is how much I can't stand her. I needed to get it off my chest.

She's a bitch. The sound of her voice, grates on my nerves. No wonder Bill had to stray. (Not approving of his ways but you have to wonder) She sounds like a nag. She probably will win it all because my gender, like many other minority groups, tend to favor their own "group" regardless of who that person is. It's happened before and it will happen again. Americans are weak.

I have no respect for a woman, who would put up with a husband like Bill. I had a ex husband who did that to me and it took strength and giving up a lot, to leave that marriage. It took sacrifice. She wasn't willing to do that. Her political aspirations were more important than her own integrity. Now if she had kicked Bill to the curb, I would of had more respect for her.

She doesn't look clean. She looks unkempt and oily. I also think she LIES. She's a phony. I don't detect any sincerity in her at all. Where is it?  She is a cold fish. She is an elitist who has done a excellent job convincing others she is one of them. Yeah RIGHT!  I especially detest the way she handled the Benghazi situation and when she said, "What difference does it make.?"  THAT really pissed me off. What a total B****.

So what difference does it all make?  I for one, won't be voting for Hillary. In fact if and when she wins, and does become the first woman president, I will be ashamed. I think our gender can do much better than Hillary Clinton.

Integrity makes a lot of difference. 


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    1. Thanks. My main post was just to unload my thoughts. If I don;t they get bigger and then I am unable to get past them. I have to unload my negative thoughts on politicians, to be able to see them, in a better light. Bottom line, none of them excite me. and I don't believe any of them tell the truth. Politics are dad today.

  2. The Hurricane went to a Women's March on Washington when she was a senior in a Pennsylvania prep school. She said Hillary was one of the speakers, and she was dazzling. I wonder if you might feel differently about her if you saw her in person or met her. I cannot stand Bill Clinton. During the Iowa Caucuses when Hillary was running, Bill spoke at The Hurricane's college. She said he was an amazing speaker. If I saw him in person, then would I like him? I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. I think you should say whatever you want at your blog. Good for you. It's a release.


    1. Then she needs to be an amazing speaker when she gives speeches etc because right now, she doesn't seem dazzling. She really comes off the complete opposite. I more respect for a politician (doesn't matter if they are female, male, black, white or pea-green) who is HONEST and that I disagree with, than to vote for someone who tickles my ears and is dishonest. I also detest all of them who always bad mouth the opposition and both sides do it. I don't want to hear personal bashing. I want to hear how THEY will solve our problems. I believe most politicians today, have lost the ability to communicate their issues. Instead, they go in for bashing, lying, and spend more time trying to make the others look bad. I hate it all. I may not vote this time. It would be a first for me. NO ONE does it for me.

    2. and thank you, kind Lady, for your comment. We may or not agree, but I welcome your comment. and yes, it is a release especially when it is a uncomfortable and unpopular post. I just had to get it off my chest. I've been walking and around ranting about it to myself...sometimes I need to just let it go, and then I am able to get past it all and see things in a more refreshed light, if that makes any sense. :-)

  3. I'm not sure if you meant this to be funny at all, but there were parts that just made me laugh out loud. I don't think I could vote for Hillary either. Maybe we should try going presidentless this time.

    1. My disgust for her is funny, I guess.


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