Friday, July 24, 2015


I don't know what has got into me, of late - but I am starting to "nest." Couldn't that be interrupted as a early sign of a harsh winter or for us here in California, a wet rainy season? I want to get my house in order and here it is, the end of July. We had some HOT temps in June. Got up into the 115+ for a couple of weeks and of course, after that we pretty much averaged, 105-108. This week has been cool. We're been staying around 95-99.

I am getting excited for the rainy season. So I decided to prepare for it. Like in retail, I have decided to be one season ahead - starting NOW. I even have the husband in on this. (Ha ha, anything to get him working around the house) Since gardening and such is pretty much out of the question, we are working around the house.

Bought some paint for the ceiling - and next week, we will start painting the inside. One evening, something came over me, and I started staining our old oak cabinets a dark mahogany stain. I am not even near being finished. Then I got side-tracked and started staining my dining room table. All done. Then I worked on the kitchen. Yesterday, I woke up wanting to move dining room furniture around and move out a cabinet that I was storing in the garage. (I'll need to refinish that too)

My house right now is a total disaster! My husband, has a hard time with the mess. (Remember, he was in the military for over 20 years and folds his dirty clothes and places them neatly, in the hamper.)  I don't know - maybe I am a GENIUS because I don't really see a mess. I see work that is coming along and Lord willing, will be done by the Autumn. It EXCITES me. I just hope, my MOODS don't change.

MY 2 historical favorites, Mark Twain and Albert Einstein both had messy desks. Hmmmm, I'm telling you, I must be a genius!

and NO, I am not pregnant!


  1. For me it’s the hum drum that makes me re-arrange my furniture or start to notice that the walls really do neat a new coat of paint. You certainly have taken on more than one large project. That should hold you until the rainy season, for sure. ;)

    1. They say we might have a El Nino rainy season.

  2. Wow, you are really on a roll. I had to laugh when you said that you weren't pregnant.

    Thankfully, it's never been that hot in Pennsylvania because I'm not sure I'd survive 115 degrees. I seem to get headaches if I'm out in the sun too long when it's in the 90's... :)

    1. I think when I was pregnant, that was the LAST time I had a real "nesting" going on.


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