Thursday, June 11, 2015

New dog

Char holding dog on the way home

Nothing like a morning Kong.

I have thought about you all - just couldn't seem to get in over here to post.

We have a new dog. The husband's sister, gave us her 9 month old black lab, named Lady. I want a German Shepherd - but I used to have a lab when I was a kid and they are fun dogs. So while the vet bill isn't totally paid off, the husband thought it was a good idea. I had my reservations from a financial standpoint, not to mention I just wanted to stand by what we had agreed on. I lost!

It's been 3 weeks and our world as we knew it is no more. My backyard, looks like we have a puppy. I've lost 2 outside pillows, and one nice Rattan chair, a crape myrtle tree, a rose bush - we've had to get rid of anything, that she can chew. WE do not have a very pretty backyard for this summer. Oh well, with the drought, the lawn is yellow and dry, so who cares???

I have shifted potted plants to the front yard. The dog rules the back. She also caught and accidentally killed a dove.

She has terrorized my oldest cat Miss Buster. She stays in Navy's room and doesn't come out, until we all go to bed. which included the cat Susie and the dog. I bought a 42 in crate and that is working out well. Susie is a real pistol and won't back down. The dog likes to chase cats.

Last week, we took her in to be spayed and to get her rabies shot. They told us, not to let her run around or jump or get excited for 7-10 days. HELLO??? We're talking about a very active Black Lab puppy. We did the best we could. We kept her tethered in the living room when we are there with her and she sits on the back patio while we are there (Hell I am home all the time) She is bored out of her gourd. Tomorrow we plan to let her off the tether outside. But no heavy duty ball playing and running up the hill, until Monday.

She is cute. I laid back and let the husband be the ALPHA male so he would not accuse me that the dog loves me more than him. It worked, a little. She whimpers when he leaves for work. As for me, I have tried to be the Alpha female - and I just wasn't all over her like I have been with my other dogs, and guess what? She loves me. I guess I just ooze "Mommy" without really trying.

Oh and I wasn't all that in love with her name - but she answers to it. She'll grow into it, plus we always give our animals nicknames or would that be pet-names?  I did changed the spelling to LADIE. Just because....


  1. Happy to hear about the love and affection you have for your dog...

  2. Lacie? I went to the whole alphabet and that's the only one that made sense. It sounds a little like lady.

    1. I didn't put that much effort into it. It's Ladie...It's too much for the guys to call her Lacie. They call her names like, Nasty Ladie, Bad Ladie, Silly Ladie and Black Ladie.

  3. Aww, look at the face. She’s your Ladie! And just like a typical mother, you tell the stories of her little misadventures with affection and love. :)


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