Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Garage Sale

Sat March 9

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale on the 9th. My garage is horrible - wish I could LITERALLY sell it, but only the contents will have to do.

This will be major WORK. and for how much???  We are planning to go down to Monterey, in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I sell enough to defer some of the costs.

I guess it is the same all over, but people come wanting basically FREE stuff. I will offer some free stuff just so I won't have to haul it off. These rural folks around here are crafty enough, to find purpose in my cast offs and then they will turn around and make something and sell it for big bucks.

I have a lot of stuff like that - I was wanting to do something creative and all I did was make creative piles of STUFF in my garage.


  1. When it comes garage sales the seller wants money the browser wants free stuff of super cheap stuff

  2. Ugh. I do not envy you. I spent part of the winter going through what I call our "closet of doom" trying to thin all of the junk out. So much stuff I had collected and planned to refurbish or upcycle and I just never got around to it.


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