Sunday, May 03, 2015

Drought and water rationing

Castle Crags

So here it is Sunday afternoon. We've been having 80-90 degrees since like March. Practically no winter at all this year. 4th year of the drought and the Governor has implemented mandatory conservation from 10 - 36%. Lucky us, we get to cut back 36% and HERE is where most of the water comes from. It's also probably the hottest place in California, besides Death Valley. We're being punished...Of course you can't get the straight truth on anything. I have read that some places here in the state have to cut by 80% - of course that was from a out-of-state media source.

It will be a long, dry HOT summer. I just pray no fires but that is pretty much a given.

Normally I am excited about the summer months, but not this year. My lawn is dead. My beautiful Ceder tress are turning yellow and look like they may die. The neighbor across the street, had their tree fall a couple of weeks ago.

The only thing blooming, are the oleanders, California orange poppies and other native and drought loving plants. If I have any flowers this year, they will be contained in flower pots. Then we can use our gray water to water them.

Next, we will be having to truck water in, if this goes into another year.

My brother and his wife picked this year, to come and possibly visit us from Alabama. I am going to talk to them about positioning it for any other year, depending on the rain and water rationing. It will be hard enough, with the 5 adults living here - without another 2 adults. Anyway, it won't be as pretty here in California - and it would be their first time.

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  1. We haven't had water restrictions in years, thank goodness, but I do remember when we did have them and some parts of the country still does have them


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