Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My afternoon cup of quiet?

Terrible terrible of me. I think of you ALL often, usually when I am laying down for the night - and each time, I remind myself that I will post the next day.

Yea!!! I did it after many days of procrastinating.

So, how the heck have you all been? I've been good. Just got out of the habit of blogging because my mornings are starting much later, due to staying up later in the evening. I'm all messed up.

Plus, my GERD is better but I had to go to my doctor to get the extra strength because the OTC strength was not cutting it. Then I started having pain in my stomach. Reminded me of the type of pain I had as a little girl, when the 5th grade teacher physically and emotionally abused me. (Have I ever told you that story??) My mom took me to the doctor back then, and we were told I had the beginnings of an ulcer. IT did eventually go away and I have pretty much, stopped thinking about it. Funny how "pain" will jar your memory. So, while I have not seen my doctor, I know that by the symptoms, that I might have the beginnings of a peptic ulcer. Since I am totally OLD SCHOOL, I usually try and treat myself first. So I am eating lots of yogurt and for 3 days now, no pain.

The BAD NEWS is, I cannot drink coffee. It tears my stomach up. My husband has watered it down so much for me, it's like WHY drink it?  Needless to say, I take naps in the afternoon.

So, here I am with a blog, called My Morning Cup of Coffee and I don't get out of bed till 9am and I am not mainlining coffee like I used to. I am a FRAUD!!!

I have to find a "time" where I can write and not be disturbed and so far, that would be in the afternoon after the husband leaves for work and just before everyone else comes home from their jobs. I have about an hour of quiet and true alone time.

I do have some updates to fill you in on.....

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