Thursday, April 23, 2015


Yesterday Char received her divorce papers -She is relieved and can now move forward. (Whatever that means)  She's doing well these days. She's still working at the hotel and she is getting paid a little less than a minimum wage but it's not bad. She even gets tips. She likes the people she is working with. She also during the week does some social things with this group - they come and pick her up and they've played pool, gone out to dinner, had several pot lucks and Sat they are all going to get their hair cut at a local beauty college.

Navy enjoys his job at the Veteran Home. It's like he has a bunch of grandpa's. They old Navy guys really like him. There are some women, there as well that served as WAVES during WW2 and Korea.

I told you all last, that Foodie had a streak of good luck. Well, it seems this is his year. He also is getting back a sizable refund! Too bad it goes to the IRS to pay off his tax bill for when he cashed in his 401k. But at least he is almost done. He also is getting a raise!

Husband is good - I am good. We are planning a small trip down to Monterey next month. We have some friends down there, plus my sister is in Santa Cruz and my cousin should be down there by then. - he is moving from Texas to Monterey. He is retired from the army and we are staying at the Navy Lodge down there. We had actually thought we might take a mack flight to Hawaii but chickened out. Long flight, with no windows - and my bad back could ruin a nice getaway. Maybe another time.


  1. Sounds like everything is going pretty well.

  2. Get some Valium and take the flight. It sounds as if things are looking up.


    1. Ha, that is exactly what I would need - or a little nip...

  3. Char sounds like a different person. Good for her.

  4. Owing the tax man money sucks, just saying


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