Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't lose your pink slip EVER!

Navy's car continued to sit on the driveway. He tried calling Virginia's DMV but that 3 hour time difference was not making it possible for him to talk to anyone. The one time he did, they turned him on to Navy Federal, where he financed the car through. Navy Federal, said the Va. DMV has it. So round and around he went. He couldn't have it towed to a junk pile, without the title. NO WONDER country folk keep their cars!

So he called Pick and Pull and just told them the dilemma he had. They told him, to park it on the street and then car the city, to have them tow it. Navy is a good young man, and didn't quite believe it would be THAT simple plus he didn't want any charges coming back to him.

Husband and Navy pushed the car into the street. By now, the windows are broke, and it is a nesting place for black widow spiders and black mold. I called the police number to report an abandoned vehicle. They came out and tagged it. Right there on the tag, it said there would be no charge to the person requesting the tow and no charge to the owner of the vehicle. A week later, a cop comes to our door, asking for Navy, by name. Wow, funny how they are able to get that information. I just told him, it was abandoned by my son and it no longer runs. So within a hour, they towed it to the very Pick and Pull we had called.

Now Navy did receive a notice from the police or DMV, I don't remember, just telling him, if he wants it, he has so many days to claim it. Of course he doesn't.

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  1. Damn who would have thought it was so simple


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