Thursday, April 30, 2015

Be done with it

I just found out today, that the Ladies Auxiliary was reinstated 2 weeks ago, and I was never informed. I started getting phone calls about this from the State and thought they were confused. Until I checked for myself and found out all of this was done behind my back. 

I don't get it - why?

Initially it stirred up my Irish...I called the new President and asked, why I was not informed. She was defensive which made me even more angry. See, this is why I never liked to join these types of groups - Women can be cut-throat to other women.

So once I calmed down = stomped around the house, said a few F-words, ranted and raved - I felt better and decided I was not going to have it ruin my day. Be done with it and MOVE ON.

I admit,  To be a booger, I am transferring my membership down to another post. I just HAD to do something....


  1. It's not just women. A nephew's uncle from his mom's side of the family (his brother was my dad) died recently. He posted it on Facebook and tagged all my sisters, but not me. I saw it and told him how sorry I was. He said he didn't tag me because he didn't think I would remember his uncle (yeah, right). I remember stuff better than anyone else does. Believe me, I wish I could forget.


    1. Wow. Yeah family does it too. I have cousins like that.

  2. Pfffffftttttt to them!


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