Friday, February 27, 2015

Special Minimum wage

Today Char starts a new job. She will be working at a Comfort Inn hotel as part of the housecleaning crew. She was so happy. Right now she is training and is only scheduled one full day a week. I am concerned about one thing. It says she will be paid a "special minimum wage".  I need to find out what exactly that is. I don't want her being "taken". It is a federal program from what I found out, that gives tax benefits to companies that hire intellectually disabled persons. However, I am reading that places like Goodwill, abuse it. They pay like .40 an hour. I cannot for sure say, the articles I read are factual. Today I am going to look into it. I did read in her paperwork that it would be 50% less than the minimum wage - so that would be like $5 an hour. I have to know for sure. I believe it is like training.

I wish she could get a job on her own - without help from the agency, for disabled people. But she has terrible memory issues that seem to be getting worse. Navy said, that maybe this is good while she builds up confidence. She totally has no confidence in herself. She will be working with a crew - the last 3 jobs she had, she was let go - due to her memory and not making good decisions. She was working at 3 childcare facilities and forgot about a child. I believe the other 2 times, were similar issues.

Her divorce is not final yet but should be around April. That abusive marriage set her back.

In the past year, she has accomplished more than she thought.

1. She got her SSI
2. She bought a car
3. Started volunteering at the CalVet home
4. She joined a church group for young adults
5. Went camping for the first time
6. Went to a group-church camp out for the first time
7. Learned to play pool
8. got a job.

I wish I could look back in my year, and say I have accomplished THAT much.

United States Labor: Works with disabilities who are enrolled in rehabilitation programs

Disabled workers paid just pennies an hour and it's legal


  1. I have never heard of a special minimum wage, but it sounds totally unfair.

    1. Yeah I have mixed emotions about it. I will have to be watchful

  2. Hope it goes well for her. I got to say, I admire hotel housecleaners. Thankless job I think!


  3. You can look back on your year and say you've accomplished that much: You've helped Char so much, in addition to assisting other people. It's good that you're checking into the wages. I've read about GoodWill, too, and how it's really quite a scam.


    1. We'll see...I believe she gets her first paycheck on the 5th

  4. She has come so far in the last year I also hope that this special minimum wage isn't a bad thing and she ends up being used as slave type labour because that would be so very wrong.

    1. I hope its not a bad thing too.

  5. I have a nephew that works at a place for people with disabilities and he does not make much an hour. However, he also gets disability payments and he doesn't pay taxes on any of his income. I think the whole purpose is to teach them how to be productive. If my nephew did not have this job, he would do nothing but sit around all day and play video games. This way he is learning to work with others and how to think for himself and that there are consequences to what he does. Everyone needs to feel a sense of purpose.

    1. that sounds exactly what Char is doing. It's working out well.

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