Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Beast gets a rest

So the excitement around here is Navy bought a "new for him" truck.

We get our Beast back now. OH THRILL.  (1990 Dodge Caravan)

  • The dashboard doesn't work so you don't know how much gas you have. He says it will ding, when we have about 1/8 of a tank. So we have to listen for that ding...
  • The speedometer doesn't work either.
  • The electrical is off so the windows in front don't work.  You have to open the door when you go through fast food drive up.
  • The radio and speakers do not work.
  • The headlights have a glaze over the glass - so they are not that bright. 
2 years ago, it did pass the smog so hoping it will again.

On the other hand, it still runs good and has a lot of power. We can bump it, scratch it, get it dirty and it's no big deal. We can take the seats out to haul stuff. Looks bad - I always read in the paper, that it was a 1990ish dodge van that gets pulled over for drugs, or burglary. Have to always make sure, we don't look guilty about anything. Or for sure, we'll get pulled over. Navy said, at times, the cops would cruise up beside him and look real slow. It made him nervous.

The husband and I have decided though, that we are going to have to start saving for a previously owned car before the Beast dies. Our other car, is a 2010 so we're okay and it will be paid off at the end of this year!


  1. Purple doesn't make me think of drugs.. :-)
    Maybe mushrooms?

  2. Ok I had a car that the fuel garge didn't work in we had to use the trip meter to know when to refuel, my daughter had a car that the front power windows didn't work and she would have to open the door and jingle something to get them working again but it ran and she loved the car


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