Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year

I survived the holidays. Yea me! So happy it is done, and we get back to normal. Rented a storage unit yesterday, so we can clean out our garage. Started with the Christmas stuff. Now we can move the car back in.

We've been having beautiful sunshine for the last week or so and I feel good. The cold bothers me (it's 27 right now) I'll take some cold, if I have sunshine to go with it.  It's been a struggle for me - nothing to be concerned about, just something that happens to me in the winter and some winters are worse than others. The husband bought me one of those desk lamps that is supposed to simulate some sunshine. It's been sunny so I haven't had a chance to use it on dreary days. So hopefully that will help.

Enough about all of that. Navy is out trying to buy a previously owned vehicle now that he has a good job and makes some decent money. Foodie is away for the weekend - and Char is having major car problems - actually, she is having a hard time communicating to the mechanic because she forgets. Her memory problems seem to be getting worse. It's either that, or she has trained herself not to think. I can't tell what exactly it is, but it's an issue, that drains me.

Husband got a little raise from the state - but I guess we inched over into a different tax bracket and so are netting less. $59.60 less a month and yeah, it's not a big amount, but it still bugs me. Not to mention our gas is supposed to go up .10 to .70 a gallon, paying for carbon credits. I was enjoying the lower gas prices, the last few weeks. The lowest I paid was $2.46 a gallon. So that 59.60 and add in the increase in gas and we start the year, bringing in less. Really really pisses me off. (And yes, I said piss!!!)

I really do hope this finds you all well and Happy New Year for all of us! 


  1. Gas here was $1.94 the other day.

    Concerning memory... There was a commercial on TV about medication for Alzheimer's, and it showed somebody putting their keys in the freezer. I've done that in my twenties. Guess that's not a very good sign.

    1. $1.94 is what Californians should be paying - that .54 difference are fees and taxes we have to pay and now they will be adding on .10 to .70 more to that .54. Our gas will always be upwards of $1.34 a gallon. I think I figured that right.

    2. Alzheimer's - I can honestly say I have not done that YET.

  2. Happy New Year! I actually say piss a lot so no worries. I'm glad the weather has been warm for you, at least some of the time... :)

  3. It is exciting when we get our first car or our 10th car, a new car for us is great doesn't matter whether it is brand new or just new for us we have never owned a new car all our cars have been used cars. Dark, miserable days make me feel tired and and bloody stinking hot days make me feel drained and tired.

  4. Happy New Year! Good for you for cleaning out your garage. It's good to get the New Year off to an organized start. I understand about suffering from SAD. I have a mild case myself. This year am also having a bit of winter doldrums from Christmas aftermath. That part is rare. I should be back to normal soon. Hope you are too.


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