Saturday, January 10, 2015

Don't want it and am staying AWAY from it

Still having some issues with family members (not the ones I live with) doing criminal activities. I am so happy I live 250 miles away - I don't want to be drawn into the drama, because eventually there will be. I just can't imagine how people think they can get away with not paying taxes, buying luxury cars in cash and not get caught. On Facebook, one of my family did a public rant on how all police deserve to be slaughtered like pigs. I was relieved to see, not everyone on their friend list were afraid to say something. That made that person really mad. Then today another rant on what is going on in France and how it is coming to America, and soon.

My goodness. I fear for the baby, to be raised like that. I fear for my other family who should KNOW better and was not raised like this. I am so afraid, they will ruin their lives for retirement and old age. And for what? Money!

I am mad, I am shocked - I'm disappointed. They must be pretty deep if they are able to afford a brand new Hummer and pay for it in cash.

Heck, why work?

PS I hope I was discreet enough.

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