Tuesday, January 06, 2015



It was about the 20th of December (when our checking account starts to get low because we pay all the bills at the first of the month) when we received a phone call from our Federal Credit Union. They told us, that someone had tried to use our debit card in the amount of $1100.00 for a hotel room out of the country. Because we didn't have $1100.00 in the account it was declined. Plus they called because they noticed it was not in the norm for us. All I can say is THANK GOD!!! It shook me up for several days afterwards and now I have a alert to let us know when a certain amount is taken out. It's a bit of a hassle, getting a email but for now at least I will know. The gal never told us where the hotel was. And it was my husband's debit card. He had just been to Home Depot a week or so and I had heard there were security breeches.

Makes me want to go back to the old fashion way of envelopes and cash under the mattress.

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  1. I still have my fun jar. I've blogged about it before. Sadly, it's almost empty.

    1. Yes I remember. I have one too that counts as we put it in. Ours is empty. We gave to Char to put her coins in.

  2. Thank God that you guys did not get ripped off. I guess this is one of the blessings for this year.

    No cash under the mattress but no debit card for me either.

    1. Ever since debit cards came out, I have liked the convenience. It would be hard to go back to writing checks.

  3. My credit union called me last year and asked if two small charges from a travel agency were mine. Definitely not. They refunded my money, cancelled my card, and gave me a new card. I am grateful for their fraud protection division.



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