Thursday, January 22, 2015

Anniversary planning

Next month is our wedding anniversary and we plan to go down to my old hometown of Pacifica. I haven't been there in years! Maybe spend a day or so in San Francisco as a tourist.My ex no longer lives there so I feel FREE to go down there and walk around and just enjoy the beauty, without having to run into him. It was my hometown too!

I have to make reservations today. I can't keep putting it off.  It's expensive. I want a ocean view but then I ask myself,  is it worth it? Why not get the court-view and walk out to the ocean?? I haven't made up my mind yet.

If we get a ocean view and can hear it, I may not want to get out of bed - to do anything. Just lie there and enjoy it. With the extra money I would be saving, maybe I would rather eat better. Or buy something.

I will miss my cats. My little Susie will surely miss us big time. Wish I could take her with us.


  1. Splurge and get an ocean view :) It sounds like a fun way to celebrate your anniversary :)


  2. Planning a vacation is always so much fun and the ocean view would be a wonderful splurge. Whichever you decide, I'm sure you'll have a great time... :)

  3. Where did the ex move to?

  4. Of course you will miss your cats and they will miss you, I keep telling Tim we need to start planning our next holiday to New Zealand


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