Tuesday, December 16, 2014

S.A.D. for me


Trying to fight this "down feeling" I am having. I bought some Vitamin D, but I forget to take it. I have to do better at remembering. I haven't felt this down in awhile - last year at this time, there was plenty of excitement going on within the family and we were having beautiful warm sunshine. Of course we all know, that beautiful sunshine was because of a severe drought. This year, life has settled down - and the Pacific Storm doors have opened with a bang. It's great - but not for those of us, who don't do well in darkness and cold, wet weather. I know we need it. Last week we had a storm blow in - it was one of those types of storms that hit or miss. We were fortunate that we got some rain, some wind but fared just fine. However, many did not, with some major flooding and wind damage. Even our fence stayed up!  I think I am addicted to excitement.

Rain is in the forecast all this week - We need this so I must conquer this mild depression. I'm lazy. I'm cold all the time. No energy. My body aches. Don't want to cook. Don't want to eat. I want to sleep. I'm not reading. I'm thinking too much. Last night when I went to bed, for the first time, in awhile - I started thinking about Michael and started crying. I miss those who won't be here this Christmas. I miss when my kids were little. I even went on a google day-trip and looked at all the places I have lived.

Got word, that 2 guys I went to grade school to high school with, died last week of heart attacks. One of the guys, was up on the roof, during the big storm, trying to fix something and wrestle with the wind, had a heart attack while on the roof. Both had shown no signs. I wasn't particularly close to these guys, but I remember them, as little boys. Sad for their families.

The only thing, keeping me going is my silly kitten, who is huge. 7 months old but she looks full grown now. She is a stinker. She makes me laugh.

I put the tree up on a good day - and that has been it. My house is a mess. I am unorganized and feel overwhelmed.I look forward, to going to bed at night and hate getting up in the morning. I have been sleeping in too late. I can't think. I can't make decisions.

So that is what is going on with me. Bah humbug


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Do you have a red dot to entertain Kitty and yourself? You know, one of those laser pointers?

  2. I'm sorry you feel sad. I feel sad, too. Maybe we should start a club.


  3. At least something is making you laugh, and the more you can laugh the better you will feel hopefully


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