Tuesday, November 18, 2014

too early

go to sleep, kitty!

Oh my goodness - my kitten has been so good but last night, she wouldn't settle down. I must have gotten up with her 5 times and my other cat was in and out. I finally gave up at 4:45 am. Too playful. Not so cute that early in the morning. Of course now she looks adorable, sleeping on the sofa.

I also think I am excited for tomorrow - just to finally get my father-in-law into the home. He is going to love it there. They do so much. Last week, they all went to visit horses at a Veteran place that uses horses in therapy. My husband helps out - it is therapy for him as well.

I'm excited for my son - He gave a 2 weeks notice but I don't think he should have. He doesn't know when he starts...what if it is January?  Oh well, it's on him and I am trying not to OVER THINK it all. I tend to do that!

It's been cold here. Well maybe not as cold as some of you have it. Getting down to the low 40's. 65 to 70 in the day but we're suppose to get some rain starting tomorrow. I had to turn on my heat...although I really hate it being on at night. I woke up also, because I was too hot and it was set at 67. I turned it off. Good sleeping temp for me is 65. Sure its cold when you get up, but then I crank up the heat and all is well. Coffee helps warm the hands.


  1. Sounds like Kitty has jetlag. I agree with you on the sleeping temp.

    1. she was good last night...


    That is one scary cat. ;-)

  3. I had to put down my coffee mug to comment and I miss the warmth it brings to my hands. Better than any old gloves!

    Kitties seem to keep to odd hours. Mine takes turns sleeping all day and having fun all night, and then she will swap that pattern and start sleeping on my bed all night, not waking up for anything. Whenever I think I have her figured out, she does something completely off the wall and random. But isn't that all part of the fun of having our furry little friends?

    1. That's what she does too. She'll be good for a week and then switch it up. They do this, to show us, who really is the boss. I know she is training me...


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